” a photograph is forever “

Storyteller through Images

I am Marco Vegni an Italian Wedding Photographer based in Siena near Florence, Tuscany. I am specialized in creative documentary wedding photography, engagement photography, portraits and food photography. My photography is the desire to tell moments of life and there is nothing more beautiful than to document a day as important as that of your wedding. I want to tell a Story…your Wedding Story that will stay with you for Life.

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I Love Photographing People in Love

bringing a unique and highly sought-after style of creativity photography to wedding all over Italy and abroad, i love elegagance of naturality.



A wedding is not a collection of photographs. With my photos I wish to tell a story – a true story – the sublimation of an event lived by two people in love with each other, who want to share that same event with family and friends.
Precisely because of this, I love telling the story of each wedding through a reasoned selection of images, in which I capture the various moments of your day, represented by feelings,gestures, gazes, smiles, kisses and…love.
The magic of these moments is what nourishes my creativity, my enthusiasm, my wish to tell the story. With each wedding I give life to a unique story,a work of art, with no artificial poses or sets and, most importantly, without my presence being intrusive.
All weddings are a unique project, and the story of each wedding therefore deserves to be told with greatest sincerity and authenticity, from beginning to end, without omitting anything. I will dedicate the entire day to you, so as to capture unique moments and make them eternal.
There is nothing in my photographs that is pre-set. Why? Because I do not think of thephotographer as a
“director”. The pictures need to be of real moments, not artificially constructed ones.
My photographs are different for each wedding, precisely because they are in essence made by you, based on your preferences and on how your day is organized and unfolds.