Wedding Vincigliata Castle Marco Vegni Photographer

Wedding Vincigliata Castle | Irina and Knut

Wedding Vincigliata Castle I am very happy to publish on my Blog preview of this fantastic Wedding in Florence. A very charming Location … Vincigliata Castle near Fiesole for luxury and exclusive Wedding in Tuscany.┬áIt’s always a pleasure work in Vincigliata and was great to be the Wedding Photographer of Irina and Knut. Thank you […]

Wedding Florence, Fiesole | Marco Vegni Photographer

Wedding Florence , Fiesole | Gabriela and Matteo

Wedding Florence, Fiesole | Gabriela & Matteo The last day of year 2016 , Fiesole near Florence have a beautiful lights . Lights are Gabriela and Matteo with all your guests . For me , it’s a pleasure to publish preview of this Wedding on my Blog. A beautiful day with a fantastic couple . […]